Why Organic Foods Are Important When You Have Endometriosis Or IBS

by Laura McKnight

So why organic?

You’ve probably read that organic is best wherever possible. If you’re like me, when you first looked at the price of organic stuff you wondered if it was really worth it! (To be honest, I still sometimes fleetingly think this and have to remind myself that it’s way cheaper than being sick!)

In super simple terms, inflammation is our enemy and lots of non-organic products contain icky stuff that causes inflammation and messes with our gut health. Pesticides, herbicides, waxes, chemicals,¬†additives, preservatives… the list goes on.¬†

I’m super sensitive to chemicals, so this was a big one for me. I thought I was intolerant to many foods until I tried the organic versions and realised I was really reacting to the chemicals. Just a few examples were apples, garlic, and onions.

I get it though, organic can be expensive and it’s not always possible. My advice is to do the best you can and make the best choice at the time, however I do have a few non-negotiables:

> Meat, poultry, and fish have to be high quality (at least grass-fed/wild-caught and hormone-free).

> I don’t go near anything with preservatives or additives, no matter how good it looks! (This can be hard, but I know how much I pay for it!)

> Conventional dairy is not my friend. If I do have any dairy it’s only full-fat, organic cheese or goats cheese. And sometimes a little pure cream.

I also choose organic cleaning products, skincare, and use a water filter, but those are stories for another time!

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